Your Perfect Drinking Buddy.

Libations allows you to easily rate and take notes on your favorite (and not so favorite) drinks at exactly the moment you need to. You can even share your latest drink find to Facebook or Twitter.

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Your mobile device is always with you, so whether you're at a coffee house, bar, dinner party, or home you'll always have the ability to quickly add your drink to Libations.


Rate a drink on multiple flavor profile types - all specific to the type of libation you're rating. Remember all the subtleties by keeping specific tasting notes.


Drinking is always more fun with friends. Libations lets you easily share your drink favorites with friends - on Twitter and Facebook.

All in one place.

The secret to a good journal is that it keeps all your entries in one place. With Libations, no matter what kind of drink you are recording, it'll all be contained in a single app for safe-keeping.

Download Libations from the Apple App Store